As annoying as more anti gun politicans/policies are, its refreshing to see the “two party” dichotomy falling apart. Both repubs and dems seem to be crumbling in division. Hopefully it continues and other parties have a better shot
Yeah, Vermont was historically a bastion for gun rights. Other states have even modeled themselves after Vermont's stance on constitutional carry.

I'll add to what the other guys said... republicans and Democrats don't have your best interests at heart! Pick any 20 year proof over last 100 year and tell me it mattered who was in power? Foreign wars, loss of rights, ruining the currency, more citizens locked up than any other nation on BS charges that mostly center around plants.



Well again this is squarely in the laps of gun owners. The Governor there did not single handedly write and vote this bill in. For him to sign this it had to be passed by the lawmakers there. Those lawmakers who voted for this were put there by gun owners who either do not vote, throw their vote away, or actually vote for them. So now they get what they voted for. If gun owners want this to change there is only one way, vote in people who will change it. This is where all this "we just need to compromise" by gun owners leads. Remember as soon as the last school shooting happened we saw gun owners who own "black rifles" openly state they were ready to make it illegal for a 20 year old to buy one. The left laps that up and then says "we'll see you taking the rights of a 20 year old away and raise you mag bans." So congratulations gun owners, you again are getting what you asked for. Compromise only goes one way with these people and gun owners just keep doing the same thing over and over, then expect a different outcome.

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