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    Good Morning Fellow Citizens;
    As I have been watching and participating in the ongoing assault against legal gun owners, one thing common thread has been voiced by the gun grabbers:

    "We have a very limited window of time in which to enact further bans on guns" Vice-President Biden

    This is also evidenced by New York Legislature wanting to get a very oppressive bill passed "On the same day, one month later of the Sandy Hook Massacre"

    All this is about speed! In terms of football, the liberals are going to a no-huddle offense and trying to run the field before the 2nd amendment groups figure out what is going and what meetings to attend, etc. These "plays" were written long ago and have been set aside for a tragic circumstance.

    Listening to an NPR piece last night (I know, MSM sucks) Average donations to our 2A groups, NRA 20X more than gun grabbers, twice as many people contacting their representatives regarding gun rights than gun bans. So why are we getting hit with so many potential failures of our representatives to stop this crazy train? Speed. Do something fast enough, get it on the books and the American public will digest it into fact before too long.

    Writing your congressman, will only do so much. We as a group need to figure out the next steps and get our representatives inside the OODA loop of the liberals.

    Anyone have any suggestions (other than buying PVC pipe and selling/losing our guns in tragic fishing accidents)?
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    Agreed. This book "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky, posted earlier here by Gunfixx will at least clarify what we are actually up against. Could probably create a good list of their own tactics to use against them. Their primary advantage is that the lib politicians have been working on taking rights away for a long time and we have to play a little catch up. Less than 30 days for NY only means that they have been waiting for an opportunity and this ban has probably been in the works since the last set of draconian laws. We have to create our own pro Rights opportunity. Remind everyone that the Bill of Rights is a system, a machine, and will not function without all the parts.

    Avoid talking to any media source. Anything we say will be misconstrued, edited, and warped into any gun owner being a baby killing psycho. No matter how strictly we adhere to the law. Just getting any large media outlet to report any positive gun related incident or self defense incident for that matter, will be like pulling teeth with two sticks and a rock.

    Turn any discussion on gun bans/limitations into an Constitutional Rights discussion. After all, it is the 2nd Amendment that gives the rest of the Bill of Rights teeth.

    I have a few other ideas, including getting involved in politics on the Libertarian ticket. But I also laugh when I write that since I am more or less stuck in Seattle right now. And getting our local reps to listen to reality had me on the floor.

    I absolutely dread what Seattle may try and force onto the rest of the state. One city in an otherwise great state capable of ruining it for everyone.

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