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I think gun lube is over rated. Read an article years ago scientifically dissecting the subject and it suggested the best gun lube was ATF (sorry lost old bookmark...). For a while I also used Marvel Mystery oil just fine. Then more recently I picked up some CLP and FP10 because I bought a new gun and the mfg recommended it only for their proprietary finish coating.... :rolleyes: so Im working my way thru those but will probably go back to motor oils. I dont see how any gun will get as much use as the inside of an engine block or trannny yet the application is the same.

edit, I opened some google-fu and think this is the old bookmark I had. He liked ATF but recommended Lubriplate’s FMO-AW oil

I've used synthetic transmission fluid for years. Works well and is as inexpensive as anything you can find.
There is a bunch of differing theories out there, and just as many opinions! Some work, some don't! For semi auto firearms, I find a dry film type lube does best, even for weapons that have historically been ran wet ( 1911's) and I have never had issues with them! I prefer Lock-Ease graphite lube for everything! For long term storage, it's Birchwood Casey Storage spray coated on everything including the bore!
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