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I've got a rifle with a jeweled finish on the bolt, what's the best way to remove the jeweling and not hurt the bolts strength? Maybe just polish off with some 800 grit sand paper? What's a good durable finish afterwords to remove any shine from it? Thanks
you certainly can.. especially with something that small. just need some zinc (for gray finish) or manganese (for black finish) phosphate solution, a stainless steel pot/bowl, a camp stove, and some stainless wire. and to prep really well- blast, clean completely, chemically strip.

once it's blackened up, rinse immediately in hot, clean water, dry completely, then give it a penetrating oil bath. if you don't oil right away, you can get "flash rusting"- where it rusts up like crazy, degrading the quality of the parker.
Some people like jeweled, I don't. Pepsi-Coke, Ford-Chevy, everybody likes something different, no biggie. Haha, SJS46 Duracoated every thing but the stock and bolt body-turned out very nice! The only thing left shiny is the jeweled bolt body which I'd like to color black with some kind of penetrating finish to match the action and resist rubbing off as the bolt slides back and forth. Anyone know of a shop in the Forest Grove or Hillsboro area that does this kind of stuff? If not I'll give it a try but I would pay to have it done right-it's the last part to finish my hunting rifle, probably the last I 'll be able to build until the kids are out of the nest.
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**Disclaimer** You are responsible for your own actions - this is just what I use.

Kyber Pass Parkerizing Recipe

Get the manganese from two new D cell batteries
Dissolve in OSPHO (1qt)
Bring to 180 or 190 degrees - I forget - you do the research
Drop in clean parts and wait until fizzling stops
Rinse in water, oil, and enjoy

...Oh and wear gloves, eye protection, and adequate ventilation
Parkerizing is the way to go if you want it dark. I've done a lot of parking in my garage. The secret to a good job is a clean part. If you think it's clean and de-greased, clean it again and do not touch the cleaned part with fingers. I use hot 150 degree TSP solution. I then follow with 2 distilled water rinses, then into the Park solution. Parts need to be oiled after parkeing.

Good Luck!
you've actually done this?? have any pictures of the results?

Yes I have and I have sold many refinished AK mags using it. It's an authentic recipe I got from Darra Adam Khel.

No pictures - they take too long to upload on a 3G connection.

Also - Something that no one mentioned here is that parking will eat out your lungs and rust your car in the garage if you do too much.
and it comes out an iron phosphate finish? whats the application? i've never used ospho- isn't that a coating? does it dilute in water?

Yes it comes out a black chalky phosphate finish.

OSPHO is a trade name for Phosphoric Acid. It is also known as "metal primer"

It is a green solution. KleenStrip makes it and you can get it a Home Depot.

I guess I should start selling the solution. Way cheaper than Brownells.
I hadn't opened batteries either.

This is what I did and sounds bad but here it goes...

**This is not a safety manual**

Glasses w/ side shields on
Gloves on
Take a new D cell
Strip the outer logo if it's plastic coated with skrinkwrap
Put it on its side and whack it with a hammer - watch out for juice/leakage
Pull out the quarter looking thing with the rod on it (end cap on bottom)
Use tin snips to get it apart and use the black stuff not the zinc (whitish paste in paper in the center)
Throw the zinc center goodness sludge away
The black stuff you want is like clay/grease

Dissolve in some lightly heated Phosphoric Acid (on hot plate and stainless bowl)

Bring to 180 or 190 (meat thermometer or similar)


Cook for awhile

Drop in CLEAN part

Cook til fizz stops

Remove part and wash in clean water several times

OIL!! in ATF for me or (in Cosmoline when hot - may turn it green like the WWII park - just a rumor)

The solution can be used over and over until is gets old and you'll know to change


Scary stuff huh?? Just know that they are chemicals, .etc and be careful.

I never thought it would work either, those darn Kashmiris and Khyber guys know a thing about improvising for coatings

Don't do this in a residential neighborhood - even my redneck neighbor was shaking his head

..not to mention the look on the Goodwill cashier's face when my neighbor and I were standing there with a hotplate and stainless pot :s0114::s0114::s0155:

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