The Proper Role of Law Enforcement with Richard Mack.

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    Sheriff Richard Mack, who refused to do the bidding for the ATF after the passage of the Clinton Brady Act won landmark supreme court decision Mack-Printz vs. The United States:

    He will be in Southern Oregon on April 25 - 27 educating the public and law enforcement on their sworn constitutional responsibility. Two of his latest books authored by him; "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope" and "The Proper Role of Law Enforcement" are a must have for every American and can be purchased at the event or at He also authored the book [that you probably heard of]; "From My Cold Dead Fingers". He plans to briefly discuss the Medford outrage with David Pyles and the shameful actions by the local cops.

    Sheriff Mack has been traveling around the country holding these events in hopes to educate the public and law enforcement of their Constitutional responsibility. You'll be glad you went!

    New York

    Official Flyer: Flyer.pdf
    April 25th, 26th and 27th

    Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and long-time crusader for freedom and individual rights, will be in Grants Pass to conduct a 3 day series of classes.

    On April 25th Sheriff Mack will be giving a public presentation. On April 26th and 27th he will be teaching a series of classes for law enforcement personnel only.

    The sheriff will be teaching the proper constitutional role of Law enforcement, including:•

    What rights does the constitution actually guarantee?
    • Why is it important that we not allow our means of self defense be taken from us?
    • What are the dangers of giving government too much power?
    • What can we do to remain strong as individuals and families, so that we can remain strong as a nation?
    • What can the Sheriff do to protect us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic?

    There is a cost to attend, and it is highly recommended that you RSVP to reserve a seat.
    This is a 5+ county event; with sheriffs from 5 counties being invited (Jackson, Josephine, Coos, Curry, and Douglas). Grant county sheriff Glen Palmer will be in attendance as well.
    Josephine county Sheriff Gil Gilbertson is hosting the event.

    Loma Wharton, Coordinator for the “CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION” Is heading up the event, her phone number is 541-430-0894.

    Damon Mancuso has volunteered to coordinate in Josephine County. His phone number is 541-291-3158.

    The public event will be held at North Valley High School, 6741 Monument Drive, Merlin. April 25th from 10am till 2pm.

    Send check or Money order only to:
    Loma Wharton, 1224 NE Walnut, Roseburg, OR 97470
    Email address required to confirm reservation or call 541-430-0894
    Adult: $15.00 $25.00
    Couples: $25.00 $35.00
    Students/kids: $10.00 $15.00
    Group Rates: 5 or more $10.00 each (Must include names of individuals in group)

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