Good article here by Greg Ellifritz, analyzing the Jakarta Terrorist attack in 2016. It's worth a read should you ever be unfortunate enough to find yourself in such an event.

*** Note that there are some pretty graphic photos in the article. If you're squeamish you will probably want to pass on it. ***

Last Thursday, ISIS terrorists conducted a series of coordinated attacks in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. As has been the trend worldwide, these coordinated or “symphonic” attacks involved guns, bombs, and grenades. Up to 14 terrorists conducted the attacks on seven locations in a period of three hours. If you haven’t seen the news about this attack, check out the following two news articles:

Why should we care about what happens in a third world country thousands of miles from home? Because that’s where these terrorists refine their tactics. What we are seeing over there is likely to be what we will see in the United States soon.

The Jakarta Terrorist Attacks

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