Some powders available locally!

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    My son called me the other day to let me know that the hardware store where he works the gun counter got in some powder! Believe it or not, they had IMR-4064, H-4350, H-380, Titegroup, IMR-8208-XBR and Varget (20 lbs!). He grabbed a pound of 4064 and 8208-XBR and put a ticket on them for me, but I was very surprised that they actually had Varget in stock. (I don't need any since I still have almost all of an 8 lb keg). I just like to torment all of you forum members. :thumbup:

    Oh, what the heck, I guess I will tell you where after all.
    In case you are located in the Columbia Basin or Tri-Cites, this would be Griggs in Pasco.

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