So, why are there only 200 signatures on this? Declaration of Affirmation.

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    This originated out of WA State and the I-594 legislation, but anyone can affirm the oath at this website.
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    That would actually be over 900 signatures, just 200 on the old interweb. Probably because it was not advertised well.
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    Doing it now is better than Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda when they come for your arms and freedom.
    There are potentially 800,000 people up there in WA that could stand and totally obliterate this unjust law that was bought and paid for by the leftist Bloomberg who doesn't even have a stake in your state other than his agenda of aiding the Communist/Marxist Left to gain total control of the USA. IT IS THAT SIMPLE !.

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    Previously when I first suggested this as a means to beat this BS law I was ridiculed even here. I am glad to see there are a few with the guts remaining to try and do what is right and strong.

    And a better question is why is there not every Washington gun owner getting this signed by every person that values their 2nd Amendment in WA state. Every gun club, every gun owner, should be getting this signed and even going door to door if that is what it takes.
    It will take more than a token signing by a few strong people. Do people really fear their government already that they are not out doing this. ???????????????
    Those that do not get this done can remember their lack of action and it will haunt them til their dying days. Such a shame to watch all this and see the American people collapse without a fight. Never thought this day would come. Has it come, or is there still some will left in people to beat this kind of abuse of the elections to create tyrannical laws by purchase and whim of America's enemies.....????
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