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Is it a sting? A little too perfect. I suspect its a fake elk set up by LE with a sense of humor. Looks like photo was likely taken by someone driving by on road and elk if real is just standing there in broad daylight. If its a sting and someone shoots at elk from their car, the shooter could be charged with shooting from a road, shooting at a game animal too close to road. Might have car/truck, and gun confiscated in addition to other penalties .

LE used to have fake elk on 34 West of Philomath back in the eighties. Possibly still. Elk was usually some distance from 34 but clearly visible from hwy. Elk had eyes that shined as expected in dark when hit by headlights and was accompanied by LE team nearby. Occasionally well meaning passers by would try to shoo elk out of danger, greatly irritating LE team.
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