Slip2000 - More non-petroleum product?

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    As i'm getting back into investigating lubrication/protection products again, i'm starting to see some slightly more authoritative reporting between the higher end stuff.

    Take the highly recommended Mil-Comm stuff, the TW25B/MC2500 etc. (Grease & Oil)
    I've now seen two references that acknowledge how good they are, but also cover their shortcomings and uses.

    For example, Military sourced info here, stating that the Slip2000 stuff is easier to use as well as more suited to weapons smaller than heavy machine guns.

    Also of note here, someone finding that Mil-Comm is great, but in their practical usage, the Slip2000 out performed it in extensive AR mag dumps, staying around after the TW25 has gone away.

    I do find it funny, that within the last couple of years, i'm seeing posts where people are stating they only want to use petroleum based lubes as that's all that will stay and protect over time, yet we're seeing things like Mil-Comm and Slip2000, both very highly regarded in protection and staying power, are completely petroleum free.

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