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Well, this project is finally done. I've dubbed this build "La pequeña morena silenciosa y embarazada." (The little, silent, pregnant brunette.) Reason being the big hoop makes the carbine look it is with child and that it took almost nine months to complete. :D (I was once wed to a little, pregnant brunette, but I could not put a silencer on her. :p)

What @Velzey did:

  • Threaded the barrel.
  • Slicked up the action to the point it is silky smooth.
  • Installed the forearm and fixed a screw I damaged.
  • Installed a stainless steel magazine follower. (I've read the plastic ones get funked up over time and swapped them out on both of our 92s; though I replaced it on the .44 myself.)
What yours-truly did:

  • Completed all the ATF paperwork.
  • Had it engraved.
  • Did the final conversion of installing the stock after approval.
And the final rifle:


With the silencer in place, it is about the same length of our .44 Magnum version of the 92:


Now for a bit of wackiness:


Yes, that's what you suspect it is. It is a little gizmo that makes the carbine fire like The Rifleman. Before anyone gets too gassy, bear in mind it pops on and off without tools. (I think found it on a CAS vendor site whilst looking for the stainless steel magazine follower, but I forget.)

The only thing left is to wrap the loop in paracord. I will ask my beloved sidekick (@TeacherSmurf) to do that tonight. (Hopefully the wise-crack above won't forestall said. :p)

Anywho, time-wise not the shortest, nor the longest running projects of my NFA antics, but I'm pleased with the results. It is a super light, fast handling little carbine, chambered in .38 Special/.357 Magnum, that I can run suppressed if need be. When she returns home from the school today, I will have the wife try the new rifle. We have found front-heavy guns are an absolute no-go for her, so this little carbine could fit her very well. Thank you all for the thoughts and ideas. Well wishes, my friends. :)
Those lever wraps look very nice. I've, or rather my wife, has, generally, wrapped levers in paracord, but the do unravel eventually. So I could see the benefit of those solid ones. :)
Man, what a surreal morning .... first thing took care of a government development bank's system in San Juan that, if it was a human, almost old enough to be of legal drinking age. Cigar, espresso, random musings and giggles. Go to office and have a hobo say "Every time I see you, that beard gets more gray" ("Thanks, pally!). Stuck at the post office to pickup a package in front of a doe-eyed brunette dressed in urban camouflage ("Wonder when the invasion starts?"). And I'm about an hour away from a phone call/webex that will, based upon the report, win the coveted "Most Idiotic Issue of the Week Award". Well, there's only thing to do ... take it up a notch.

What about a modification to the stock to make it fold kind of like the paratrooper Arisaka?



It would have to be further back on the stock, but same basic idea. Handy backpacking rifle, no?

(And since I found it whilst looking for the images, why not a cute lady with such a rifle?)



Interesting! How About a "Tanker" rifle?
An SMLE or Mauser 98, or Lee Enfield cut down to size, make for e fun project!
Or, one of the "Mountain Rifles" basically the same ideas, but there were some really cool conversions, notably the K98 and SMLE versions, or the Finnish Nagants!
How about a "Jungle Carbine" like the SMLE!
If you can think of where you got the rifleman trigger trip, or a better look at it, I'd be interested. Seems like the sort of thing that would be fun with some.38 special.
Oh heck, Gent, just cut off both ends and change your avatar name to Josh Randall.....

View attachment 642631


If you can think of where you got the rifleman trigger trip, or a better look at it, I'd be interested. Seems like the sort of thing that would be fun with some.38 special.
The file folder I have for this project is at home, but I believe this is it, or maybe this fellow's FleaBay account, I forget. And, indeed, I look forward to blasting some .38 Specials in that mode. Alas, work, weather, family, etc., has prevented a quick trip up the hill. Maybe this weekend. :)
Thanks, I probably will get a couple. .22s and .38s sound like a ton of fun and I have a glut of .38 specials. Ran across a good deal and bought a few cases, not realizing how much slower I go through them than say, 9mm.
My beloved modified and added a lace on type of sling:


I was able to lure her into the home office with the promise of putting on Unsolved Mysteries. To quote Billy D. Williams, "Works every time." :D



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