Shopping Days Which Should NOT be shpping Days (i.e. National Holidays)

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by The Duck, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Ok just bare with me here: I know that memorial day has turned into a huge shopping day in America, where in which most people do not know what the day is truly about. This has been set into stone and will never be changed, sadly enough.

    Now; I recently seen (sorry of being about a month off) a sale ad for September 11th?

    Not only is that pretty much bad form to advertise on such an occasion, but starts the wheels in motion to turn a tragic event and another national holiday into an advertisement for "CRAZY DEALS"...
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    oh, don't forget the medicare thingy that ends on dec 7th. What jackass think of these dates. I don't shop except for needed food items on any holiday.
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    I lived in Israel for a couple of years recently, and they take their holidays VERY seriously.
    On many of their holidays the whole country is practically shut down. Maybe a few gas stations might be open, but that's about it.
    On Holocaust Remembrance Day, the only thing you will find on all TV channels is a single burning candle, or Holocaust related movies or documentaries (Schindlers List, The Pianist, etc.)
    They have a holiday to remember their fallen soldiers where they turn on the air raid sirens for 2 minutes and observe a period of silence. It was a half day at work but we were still there when the air raid sirens were played, and they piped it in through the PA system and the normally load office area with dozens of "conversations" (I use quotes because the Israel conversations sound like arguments more often that not... lol) went instantly silent and everyone stood up for that 2 minute period.

    It's kinda sad that our country has forgotten the real meaning of some holidays and uses them as an excuse to have a sale...

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