Sensgard ZEM hearing protection

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    Anyone had experience with them? For those not familiar with the product, they are hearing protectors that resemble the earplugs on a headband that have been around for a while.

    The Sensgard units are supposed to act like electronic hearing protectors in that they supposedly permit normal hearing at safe levels and compress or suppress the louder levels. I bought a pair to try out as the $29 at Home Depot is much more attractive to my budget than the $100+ for electronic units.

    I haven't been to the range much recently so my first experience was while hammering nails in a clothes closet. While wearing them my voice sounds to me like it does when I'm wearing ear plugs. Other voices sound pretty normal, though slightly reduced. The loud sound of the hammer that had been painful without protection was reduced to a very decent level.

    This last weekend I finally got a chance to use them at the range with my 4" M66 and 900+ fps .38 spl rounds. I was focused on too many other things so I did not do a really critical analysis of whether the claimed 31 NRR is accurate, but the fact that I did not notice the sound of the revolver enough to be interested is a very positive thing.

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