This year I will be taking my 11 year old neice on a mentored hunt here in Oregon. My brother-in-law (my wifes brother) spent a lot of time with his oldest daughter in the woods. He taught her how to fish, taught her how to shoot and how to hunt. Their time in the woods together was something they both enjoyed dearly. Last year my brother-in law took his daughter hunting. When she pulled up on what would have been her first deer, she froze and handed the rifle to her father, who then shot the deer. It was the last time they would go hunting together. He committed suicide in January.
Her mother called me up a few months ago and told me there is nothing she wants more than to be able to shoot a blacktail deer this year. I told her I would take her hunting this year with me. The problem I have is that we only have the weekend of October 16-17 to do so, and I don't know if that will be enough time to find her a buck. I've spent a lot of time in the woods scouting but haven't found enough sign to guarantee her a deer.
I can't afford to travel very far, and a guided hunt is out of the question. I'm looking for someone that has a piece of property in NW Oregon, the closer to Vernonia the better, where there is a pretty good chance of a buck passing through. Whether it's in an orchard, field, or timber doesn't matter. Size of course doesn't matter. I'm just looking for a place where I can take her where she has really good of odds of getting a dear. If anyone can help us out it would mean the world to her. Thanks
Can you get a Doe on a mentored hunt? I know a couple places to bag does, but haven't seen too many bucks. Being that your are in vernowhere according to your location tag, why not just hit the woods out there? Do you have any time at all to do recon? I would think on some of that private timber land out there they would be a bit thicker and less harassed than elsewhere.

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