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Picked up my new Savage AXIS II XP in .308 about a month ago. The stock that Savage supplies is pretty cheap, it twists pretty easily. I ordered a new Boyd's laminated thumbhole stock, their new Spike Camp at about the same time. This is the fourth Boyd's laminated thumbhole stock I have purchased and I am very pleased with Boyd's quality. I have performed substantial modifications on each gun, including pillar bedding, glass bedding, and some minor modifications to the bolt slot on one of the guns. You can see the aluminum pillar I ordered from Raven Eye, which will be used in this rifle. I will need to turn this pillar down 1/16th of an inch to 3/8ths inch OD on the lathe.

Next step is to cut the pillar into two unequal pieces and clean them up a bit. Then I'll drill two precise 90 degree holes, enlarging the holes that Boyd's made. This will allow me to put ample epoxy on the pillar and press them into place. After that I'll carefully drop the action into the stock and gently screw in the two 1/4 inch screws. Pillar bedding gives me metal to metal contact for greater accuracy. After 24 hours I'll remove the action and clean up any excess bits of epoxy. Once the pillar bedding is completed I'll slightly enlarge the inside of the stock, under the barrel so I can get excellent free floating of the barrel. This is essential if you want the barrel harmonics to be unimpeded.

Then I'll proceed to apply epoxy to the stock where the action will mate with the stock. After plugging up any holes with Play-doh where I don't want epoxy to stick I'll apply a generous amount of release agent (neutral-color shoe polish works great) and the press the action into the stock. I'll gently tighten the two bolts and watch the excess epoxy ooze up along the sides of the rifle. I'll use a Q-tip to wipe away the excess. Twenty four hours later I'll gently knock the rifle action out of the stock and clean up any excess epoxy bits with a Dremel and sharp knife.

When everything is cleaned up I'll reattach the rifle to the stock and torque down the two screws to about 30 lbs. of torque. Then its time to take it to the range. Stay tuned.


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