S&W Revolvers: Declining Quality Control

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Aug 5, 2011.

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    It seems lately that there has been a rash of guns coming from S&W that are just not up to snuff. It doesn't seem to be limited to their general production run guns either. It even affects their performance center guns. I have bought two performance center revolvers in the past couple months. Both have had issues. The first just had some cosmetic blemishes that I was able to rectify myself, but the more recent one is showing a bit of the barrel fit issue that seems to be rampant right now. The barrel is installed canted to the left which makes it impossible to align the sights.

    Here is a quick video that shows what I am talking about.

    S&W Barrel Alignment Issue - YouTube
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    This has definitely been true of S&W guns in recent times, which is why I prefer the 80's/early 90's S&Ws instead. But this is a situation going on with quite a few of the big companies in recent times, they have tried to cut corners to keep prices competitive. Ironically, one of the few companies that have been dramatically improving their QC over the past few decades has been Taurus (at least with their revolvers), which have been bashed repetitively for poor quality. Although there quality is still not perfect, they have definitely improved over time.
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    Hmmm good to know. I think I will inspect my 386 night guard a little closer because it does not shoot to point of aim and the 386 uses a fixed sight. Granted, I use lasergrips but still... :(
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    Now that you mention it...

    I just looked at my 642 airweight and it is off by just a tiny bit also.

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