Runner's World Promotes Handgun Ban alongside Shoe Reviews

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    NRA-ILA | Runner's World Promotes Handgun Ban alongside Shoe Reviews, Training Recipes

    excerpt below:

    NRA-ILA | Runner's World Promotes Handgun Ban alongside Shoe Reviews, Training Recipes

    Runner's World Promotes Handgun Ban alongside Shoe Reviews, Training Recipes

    Posted on November 8, 2013

    One of the regrettable consequences of the political class's obsession with gun control legislation (despite the American public not considering guns a significant problem) is that it encourages people and publications that otherwise aren't political into sharing their oblivious opinions on the matter. Such is the case with a November 5th column on the website of Runner's World magazine. Nestled on a front page that includes an article on "How Pumpkins Can Help Your Running" and a video titled "Power Yoga for Runners" is a piece by track athlete Nick Symmonds calling for a ban on handguns and popular semi-automatic rifles.

    Attempting to pander to those who actually value their rights, Symmonds starts off the column by boasting, "I love my Second Amendment right." Symmonds then spends the remainder of the paragraph channeling Bill Clinton and John Kerry by listing his hunting bona fides as pro-Second Amendment credentials.

    Later on, Symmonds proposes a legislative "compromise" that would "an assault rifles and handguns for everyone except police and military personnel." Under his proposal, Symmonds would graciously "allow responsible citizens to own rifles and shotguns," as "[r]ifles are for big-game animals, [and] shotguns are for birds." Nowhere does Symmonds entertain the notion that firearms have legitimate, constitutionally protected, self-defense applications.

    The Second Amendment has never been limited to hunting. Politicians and others often use hunting to veil or defend their anti-Second Amendment agenda, but with the benefit of the Heller and McDonald decisions, this tactic is more transparent than ever.
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    I was going to make a comment that essentially said, "No surprise here. Runner's World is the granola crunching do-gooder's magazine for their recreation". However, I was pleasantly surprised by the comments below the story in the link provided by waglockfan. I bet the writer of this drivel might be standing in the same line as Dick Metcalf soon. :laugh:
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    I'm so sick of hearing these elites talk about the Second Amendment and using it as a basis for hunting.

    Hunting what? Redcoats?

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