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    I went to the WAC (Washington Arms Collectors) show in Monroe and picked one of the new Ruger SR22s. I paid $330 plus tax. Couldn't wait to get to the range and try it out. First thing I did when I got home was field strip to clean out the excess oil - about 1/2 quart or so. Let me tell you, this gun is so easy to disassemble and reassemble. My first 22 was a Ruger Mark III Hunter. What a nightmare to strip and clean and reassemble. So right off the bat the SR22 has an huge advantage. To field strip, there is a small lever near the trigger guard that swings down. Pull the slide back and it comes right off. The guide rod and recoil spring come right off and you have access to everything you need to get at.

    The barrel is fixed to the frame and requires a hex wrench to take off but you don't need to remove it to run pads through it so I left it on. By the way, the barrel is nice and thick.

    Reassembly is just the opposite. Put the guide rod in the hole below the barrel, slip the recoil spring over the guide rod. Put the slide back on and lock the lever.

    The gun comes with two grip sizes. The grips just slide on and off. I replaced the factory install small grip with the larger one. Took maybe a minute at most. The gun also comes with two magazine and two sets of floor plates. One set has a pinky extension. I replaced the factory installed floor plate with ones that have the pinky extenstion. A note of caution here: make sure the spring doesn't come flying out and land in garbage disposal. (Not that happened to me or anything!). With the gun cleaned, the grips and floor plates setup, and of course the owner's manual read cover to cover, I was ready to head to the range.

    At the range, this gun generated a lot of buzz. I let the RSO put a mag's worth through it. He was impressed and now he can't wait to get one.

    First thing I noticed was how easy it is to load. The magazines have an oversized button that makes it easy to move the follower. Not like the little tiny buttons on my Mark III.

    The gun is light weight. It's made of polymer and is about the same size as the Ruger LC9. It's fun to shoot. I could shoot it all day and with low price of 22lr ammo, I COULD shoot it all day!

    It's SA/DA but I pretty much cocked it and ran it SA. I liked the trigger. I don't have a scale to measure the pull and I'm not super fussy when it comes to triggers but my non-expert opinion is that it is decent. Better than my Glock but not quite as smooth as my Mark III.

    I had eight types of 22lr ammo, everthing from Federal bulk to Remington gold to Aguila subsonic to CCI Blazers and the gun ate them all with out complaint. Nice!

    I was looking for a .22 lr that was in the low $300 price range that was reliable and easy to clean. I love 1911's and had been thinking about getting a 1911 in .22lr. I couldn't decide between the GSG and Umarex. In the end I got neither and bought the SR 22. I don't regret the decision at all.

    OK, so it's not as accurate as my Mark III. But it's easier to clean and doesn't weight a ton. I like this gun!

    That's my $.02. If you have one, I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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    I shot one of these last week. I was very impressed. The workmanship is excellent. It feels nice in the hand. As a person who is picky about triggers, the trigger is fine. The sights are very nice - the tiny dots on the front and rear sights stand out very well and make aiming at a small target very easy, especially for older eyes. I found it to be quite accurate. It's a good looking gun too. Were I in the market for another .22 pistol, this would be the one.

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