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Ruger Customer Service


Hey Folks,

I just wanted to give a shout out to Ruger.

I was inspecting my Ruger Wrangler and noticed the front trigger guard screw was missing. I emailed Ruger customer service on Sunday (2/9) asking how I could acquire a new screw. On Tuesday they emailed me saying a screw was on its way. A package arrived today with the exact screw I needed (2/15).

Excellent customer service.


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I needed some help from Ruger’s customer service a couple years ago for a broken part on a 20 years old well worn pistol. I tried to buy the part online but was unable to locate it, so I eventually called Ruger. We had some terminology differences and I received the incorrect part two times before getting the correct part. They. Would not let me pay for anything, in fact when it was said and done they wanted to do a free safety check and sent a prepaid label. Apparently the pin that snapped is not a regular problem but, I say after 45k-50k rounds, anything’s possible.


I've only had one bad contact with Ruger. I sent an early Blackhawk in .45 Colt in to have a couple of cylinders fitted. I had stayed I did Not want the conversion done and did Not want the Pistol refinished. It came back and the conversion had been done and a truly terrible job of refinishing and only one cylinder had been fitted.

Now for the Good part. I ended up having a New Ruger #3 in .45-70 Government and much of the work done better so I can certainly rate Ruger Customer Service as Five Stars in my book!
I had a Super Blackhawk that I notice had a couple of stripped grip screws when I was taking the gun apart. I sent it to them and they sent me the gun with a new frame, quickly and with no questions asked. Can't ask for more than that!


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