I have 3 of the Gen 1 Redi-Mag units on my guns. One of them has a broke screw and there are 2 different styles. One style uses "regular" screws into a very thin lock nut and the hardware is the same finish as the unit. The other style has a milled and threaded block that uses hex head screws. The second style is the one that is broke and I can remove the block and use the other style.

I contacted the company, who still sells this product and they advised me that these are common screws and to pick some up at the hardware store. While I could do that, I am not aware of anywhere that has matching finish hardware or very thin lock nuts.

I am not feeling very impressed with their customer service. Are my expectations too high that they should offer me new hardware even if I have to pay for it? I have attached the email exchange.

Just about any hardware store would have those screws readily available. They just need to be the right length with a nut to fit on the end.

From: Redi-Mag
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John Nokes
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I have a couple of Gen 1 Redi-mag units. One of them has a broken screw. How can I get a couple of new screws?

Thank you,
Meh. I wouldn't call it bad, but it's not above and beyond for sure. If it were my company, You would have a pack in the mail to fix the broken one, with a few spares for good measure and a 10% coupon towards a future purchase.

They could have at least told you what the right length, diameter and thread pitch was. That was a lazy response.

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