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Ruger Advocacy Link

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by kumabear17, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. kumabear17

    kumabear17 Issaquah Active Member

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    Ruger recently posted a new link to send letters to both our State and Federal legislators including the President and Vice-President. You just have to fill in your name and location. The system will then send the same e-mail to your location's State and Federal legislators.

    While Ruger's note may not be completely written as one of you would compose it, it does get our message across. Right now the game is at least partially about generating numbers. There is a counter on the Ruger site and as I have written this post it went up almost a 1000 entries.

    I encourage all of you to at least take a look and if you agree send it. Also forward it on to all your friends.

    Here is the link. Click on it and the Ruger site will come up. http://www.ruger.com/micros/advocacy/

    Ruger - Protect Your Rights

    BAMCIS Eugene Well-Known Member

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    Good find. Sent my thoughts using this. But I also already sent my thoughts via the old fashioned snail-mail last week.

    Using snail-mail I thought perhaps it would leave more of an impression.
  3. miter

    miter Eastern Oregon New Member

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    When i "Took Action" the count was only 86,000. Looks like as of today that number has doubled. Keep up the good work.:)
  4. boxer13

    boxer13 PNW Active Member

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    When I did it it was only 6600 that "took action" nice to see that it's swelled up and now just 25k from 200k