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Removing AR Front sight

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by SCannon, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. SCannon

    SCannon Battle Ground, WA Active Member

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    I'm looking for someone who has a press to remove a front sight assembly from an AR upper. Yes, I know that you use a 3/8 punch and knock the pins out, and that hasn't worked. Heating it in the oven hasn't worked, using Kroil soaking it overnight hasn't worked either. Yes, I have a big enough hammer (32oz) and have been hitting it hard enough. I have removed front sights before, and they have never proved this difficult. I have even taken it to a gun smith in the area who couldn't remove it.

    Thoughts, suggestions, assistance?
  2. parsons_12b

    parsons_12b LaPine Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Maybe call twisted firearms they might have a press. Phone: 503-451-0462. They are in Colton which is a bit of a drive.
  3. Creeper

    Creeper Ravensdale, WA. Member

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    An oven, where everything is heated at an equal pace and temperature won't provide adequate expansion of the gas block vs. the barrel... although it can aid in separation where corrosion is an issue.
    Practically any automotive machine shop will have an arbor or hydraulic press with enough span for a barrel. It's no different from removing a bearing that's press fit to an axle. As long as there's proper support on the gas block, either type of press should pop the barrel from the block.

    If you can't find anyone, send me a PM.