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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Starship, Jul 3, 2010.

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    Bought a red dot sight for her Beretta Neos.

    Still fairly new to all of this. I understand how to zero it in (bench rest, slow and easy, and think I'll do it at about 25 ft) BUT when shooting it does the red dot have to be in the center of the sight picture or once zeroed in will the gun shoot whereever the red dot sits (centered or not)??
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    It acts like a simple "heads-up-display" and simply put: What ever the red-dot is on in the scope, regardless of position, your bullet will hit (within reason and ability)...

    Great tool and when playing with it, try to keep both eyes open. The scope will disappear and the red-dot will simply be "integrated" into your vision!
  3. Hawaiian

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    Yep, sight it in and the shot should hit where the dot is placed. And you will quickly learn how much your hands move around. It is not easy to hold that little dot still on a handgun.
  4. longcolt

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    A very nice tool for those that may suffer from vision issues due to age or other conditions.

    As the man said, simple sight it in as you would a scope at the range you desire, depending on the weapon and caliber. They will hold the sight adjustments forever if a decent quality red dot.

    Lots of fun and the large diameter ones are great for competition.
  5. Riot

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    What was said before is all good advice. Also be advised of your red dot MOA. If your red-dot is a 1 MOA sight, then for every click you turn it, it will move 1 inch at 100M. So if you are at 25ft, you might have to click it about 6-8 times for it to move an inch.

    And like was said before, it doesn't mater how the scope sight is in comparison with your normal sights...wherever the red dot is is where the bullet should go. Red dots eliminate the need for cheeck-to-stock welds like scopes do (which is why red dots and holosights are perferred for CQB). However, when taking it out of the box for the first time, I would adjust the scope with your normal iron sights to make sure you will at least be on paper before you go to the range with it.

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