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Questions about some older air rifles

Discussion in 'Air Rifle & Pistol Discussion' started by skerky, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. skerky

    skerky Southern Oregon Member

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    I'm new to air rifles and borrowed a couple of .177 pellet break barrel rifles a friend inherited to check them out because I'd expressed interest in getting one.

    The first is a RWS Model 93 in good shape, shot great. It was made in Spain. I saw some new ones with scopes had gone for $150 from a pawn shop online, any estimates of the value?

    The second one is a project gun (or worse). It's marked "Marksman Mod 40", made in W. Germany. I found a post online that said this basically a Weihrauch HW50. Besides some external rust that would need to be cleaned off, it seems like there is an issue with either the spring or seals. Round nose pellets (10.5 grain) were dropping 6" below wadcutters at 15-20yards and sometimes not penetrating a couple layers of cardboard. Does that sound like a fixable issue? Are parts available online or would it require a air rifle gunsmith?

    I did some quick searches online but didn't come up with anything so I decided to ask here. Thank you.
  2. mrduane

    mrduane Eugene Member

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    I would keep that RWS for sure! the are a very good rifle. As for the Marksman Mod 40 I would think it would be a good experimental pellet rifle to tinker with.
  3. joshua bird

    joshua bird lebanon oregon Member

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    i got a beemen sporster rs2 with 4x32 scope for sale if any body is looking break action