Q: How do I size .311 down to .308?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by nubus, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. nubus

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    My question is how do I size .311 to .308 safely?

    I've seen .311 that's been sized to .308 commercially available.
    I have .311 copper wash steel jacket lead core I want to size to .308.
    Lee makes a .308 sizing kit for cast bullets, but I'm afraid it won't hold up.
    I've seen a CH tool die/push rod kit as well, but it doesn't have that cool catcher.
    Anyhow, does anyone here have experience doing this and how were your results if so?

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  2. PhysicsGuy

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    Id sell them and buy .308 bullets. It seems like .311 bullets usually sell for more than .308.
  3. AMProducts

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    You can do this, depending on how many bullets you have, the lee tool may not be a bad way to go, it will certainly be cheaper than many of the alternatives. Also, the lee tool uses standard reloading presses, unlike the rest of the tools out there that do it.

    The most important thing is going to be getting a selection of tools to do it, and then testing to see which one gives you the best results (you may have to drop to .307, to account for the spring-back of the material).

    Regardless, you will need to use a decent lube on the bullets to prevent scratching and galling against the inside of the die. Imperial Sizing wax is my go-to for heavy sizing jobs. You can also use lanolin grease, or 50/50 lanolin and castor oil. I know a lot of the guys who use pulled surplus bullets will run them through a lee sizer to make sure the bullets are more round and less oval, and correct a few things on the bearing surface. You may also have to do 2 draws to get a satisfactory result.

    Unfortunately, you won't know until you try, and by then someone will have your money.
  4. usmc

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    c&h tool and die, make jacketed bullet sizer's. go to www.wideners.com. ive personally sized .311 to .308 and you better have a rock chucker or heavy press.
  5. nubus

    nubus Guest

    Thanks for the input guys, and yes I've got a Redding Ultramag to press them with.
  6. NoOne

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    By the time you buy all the gear to lube, size, check, (and your time is worth money), I'm just not sure it would be cost effective. If you are doing it because you have 10,000 bullets, or because you want to try something different, it may be worth the work. If I had 5,000 of the 311 bullets, I would sell them, and buy the 308 bullets.
  7. Page.k

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    I'll just sell or trade them to some one that reloads like 303 brit, 7.62X54R or 7.62X39(some). What type of 308/7.62 loads are you working on? O' how many of them do you have on hand?
  8. nubus

    nubus Guest

    @ Page.k, it was a full thousand.
    Already working some trades.
    Watcha got?
  9. kenf729

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    I'm actually looking for some .311, would be interested in buying some pm me with a price and wt of the bullet...


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