Proposed magazine limit another exercise in feel-good legislation

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Jan 19, 2011.

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    LAS VEGAS — Yesterday’s introduction of federal legislation to limit the capacity of ammunition magazines may have an impact on gun makes like the folks at Washington-based Olympic Arms — provided it passes, which industry odds-makers here at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show don’t believe has a prayer — but it likely would not prevent a determined nutball from carrying out mayhem, as detailed in yesterday's Seattle Times.

    Proposed magazine ban another pointless feel-good exercise - Seattle gun rights |

    Or try this:

    Proposed magazine ban another pointless feel-good exercise - Seattle gun rights |
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    The irony is that Rep. Carolyn McCarthy's husband and son were shot in a "Gun Free Zone" on the Long Island RR. Gun control killed her husband and injured her son, yet she has been pushing for more gun control ever since. I guess you just can't fix stupid.
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    i just cant understand the thinking behind people like her...she cant face that simple fact...its a slippery slope, gun free zones will soon turn into booths where everyone has to walk through like at the airport...then body scanners, they rectal examinations then chips shoved in our asses to automatically scan for metal when activated
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    Sheash!!! I know. Wouldn’t you think that she as well as the family members of those killed in Tucson would rather have their loved ones back?!

    Had the general public been allowed to carry freely, There just could have been a few heroes out there that may have been able to stop these killers sooner. Do ya thank? LOL :pound:

    Ya know? Survivors of cancer and other afflictions usually never want that to happen to any body else. Some even start up some kind of benefit, look at the ball players who have the money. Now we will never get rid of the nut jobs, and criminals. We have had those since the beginning of time. And they will always get a gun no matter. Yeah, so take away the honest responsible Americans rights. That will fix it. BS!!! :bsflag:

    Just ask this lady.

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