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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JuddJc, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Not trying to start any grief on the site, but I see some folks posting "high capacity" Glock's for $700 to $1000. That my friends is out right crazy..

    First of all I think its silly of people to try to rake another enthusiast over the coals like that. Not only is that price just crazy but on top of it all not even including all the mags that come with the firearm,,, come on people :huh:

    Second of all you can still get these guns for around $550 (+tax) NIB at a few smaller LGS around town. So I encourage people to shop around a little instead of buying into the "OMG its the end of High Capacity, must buy now @ double the price!!" hype..

    Okay its off my chest ;)

  2. Glock23gp

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    Smaller shops have surprised me lately on what they have in stock.. Today for example i stopped by a pawnshop for shiz n giggles. They had 3 Glocks under $550 and an Xd9 in great shape with 2 mags for $449.

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  3. Mason3379

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    Not that I agree with what I feel is price gouging as well, but......I had a friend put it to me like this the other day.....If you bought gold when it was only worth $200 would you be willing to sell it today for only $200? I doubt it! Same as Apple stock, if you bought it when it was $17 a share and you had a thousand shares would you sell that stock that is now worth 5-600$ per share @ the same rate that you bought it? No, you would sell it for what it is worth now.
    I am not condoning the fact that some of the prices are ludicrous, like $1000 Glocks and .223 ammo @ a buck a round, seriously, a buck a round?!
    But the fact is supply and demand rules, I don't care to see the outrageous prices just like the rest of you, but with the political climate and the gloom look in the near future I guess people are going to get the most money that they can for the items they feel are worth a premium.
    Just remember, at this point, if you don't want it don't buy it! That is the best way to show them it is not worth what they are asking. Let someone with the money to burn waste it....
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    I see your point to some degree. But...I would say that most the people who are buying AR's and the magazines for the inflated prices are the people who can afford it, people who never had the foresight to buy when times were better or people who are going to buy no matter what the price. As my father pointed can get more money, you may not be able to get another AR. If someone is willing to give you 1700.00 for the rifle you paid 900.00 for is that your fault? Think of what the price of an AR will be when you can't get them at all? Another way to look at paying too much for an AR is like this. Unlike investing in the stock market, no matter what the price of your gun may eventually drop to, you will always have a hard asset in your home. It will never be worth nothing like a piece of paper from your investment firm. When the SHTF you have something that has an intrinsic value. The rifle can protect you, feed you and defend your family. What can all the dollars in the bank do for you that you cant get to? I think what we all need to do is learn from this atmosphere and see what we can do to hedge against this in the future. I know that when the times get righted again, I'm gonna be loading up on more mags and ammo and prepping even harder. To all those who are making a good profit on the sale of AR's and Mags, I hope the money you make is worth not having the gun in the safe.
  5. Just Me

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    Like thousands of others, which is why prices will be high for a long time. I am betting on the supply not meeting demand for about a year, unless there is a ban, then the prices will not come back down. :paranoid:
  6. osterr1999

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    We will see. Supply might catch up. Some businesses, like Magpul, have made a decision to "focus" on certain products, such as only making black mags as opposed to 3 colors. If other businesses follow suit, some things will come back to normal soon, after all the ban talk is over that is.
  7. MountainBear

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    Actually, many of the people I'm seeing can't afford it. I've seen more people whip out their credit cards at the LGS in the last month than I have in the past few years. A good portion of the people I've seen buy guns over my life do so as a cash transaction.
    I feel that in a month or two when tax bills and credit card bills are due, there will be an influx of items on the used market, as people realize they have to pay and that their new toys are easily liquidated...

    Regardless of whether or not you believe that the current prices is gouging, the OP has good advice. Talk to your friends, especially those new to the gun world. When someone asks you for advice, let them know to shop around. Take that advice to heart and the johnny come lately who are selling at inflated prices will go away.

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