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I can't tell you how happy I am to see how well we're doing already. It may not seem like much, but after only three
days we're already up to 24 active members. In addition, I've received a surprising number of messages of support
as well as a ton of excellent ideas and suggestions for the future.

Now is a critical time for the site, as this is the point where most new sites either sink or swim. It really comes down
to whether or not you able to keep up the initial momentum in order to get the site off to a good start. I've seen sites
with as many as 800 members die out for various reasons, the most common being a lack of enthusiasm from the
members. According to what I've seen from all of you so far, I don't think we're going to have that problem.

However, enthusiasm isn't enough to keep a community active and growing. If we're going to make this the
awesome community we're envisioning, we're going to need help from every member here. For this phase of
growth, we need three things:

#1 - More Members - This community is by and for Northwest firearm enthusiasts. We need to let others know
it's here and get them involved.
#2 - Active Posters - The core of this community is the forum section. We could have a million members, but
if they're not active on the forum this site will die.
#3 - Features & Content - We need to make sure the content, features, and services of the site will keep
members here and active, as well as attract new members.

Over the past few days I've been working on tweaking in the forum specifics, researching what it'll take to add some
of the new features people have suggested, making sure the site is submitted to all the major search engines, and
telling people about the website in an effort to get new members. For those of you willing to help me work on the
three items above, I've made a list of four simple things you can do to help.

Tell Others - In person, by phone, text, IM, PM, email, any way you can.
Link - Add a link to your signature in other forums or convince website owners to link to the site.
Print - Print a flier and hang it at your local range and/or gun shop. I'll have a PDF available for download soon.
Think - Continue thinking of ways the site can improve.

If you can think of anything to add, please PM me. As always, I really appreciate your help.

Joey Link
Hey joey--

you still interested in a table at the little 'arms collectors of sw washington'(fka the 'barberton') show????

This saturday, 8-2 (10jan09) at the square dance center, in vancouver, wa......

Hope so, i reserved you a table, as you requested a couple of weeks ago....

Let me know.............call 360-263-7511, or hit www.acsww.org for directions and info..........
Yo joey--

are you going to bring a bunch of flyers to the acsww (not-barberton) show??? I originally was gonna run off a couple of hun on the office copier, but right after i said that, the thing sorta went tango-uniform........it only will make single copies, so if you want more than one, you have to stand there and push the button(no more f.a. 99 copies at a time).........

They have 'promised' a new one, and a sign went up last week saying we were getting one this week, but when i left today, still the same ol pos sitting there...so i don't know if i'll be able to make the batch in time for saturday's show...........



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