ORC .308 bolt jammed forward

I have a Bushmaster ORC .308, +/- 800rnds fired, meticulously maintained and has always functioned flawlesly, even during break-in. I only run good to high quality new ammo.

Went shooting yesterday, got this rifle set up with 5rnds of Federal 168gr Sierra Matchking BTHP. Fired 1 rnd and the bolt jammed forward, jammed tough. My friend was watching and swears the casing wasn't ejected, I looked for it myself with no success... but I'm not CERTAIN that there isn't a live round in the chamber.

I have tried the butt strike several times but don't want to get any more aggressive and risk some major damage just because I'm frustrated, know what I mean?

What would you do?


Point gun in safe direction, take a wood dowel and insert it down the barrel (hold it with a piece of duct tape,) mark the dowel when it bottoms out. Lay it along side the rifle and that should give you a true measurement of whether you have a live round or an empty case.
jbett- good suggestion, thanks. I'll feel much more comfortable if I can verify a spent shell.

moose- no, the carrier is just a little too far back, so out of battery. I also removed the stock and buffer assy when I took the pins out of the lower, no go.

I collapsed the stock, gripped the charger and slammed the butt(safety on and safe direction) several times with increasing aggressiveness until I felt that I might cause more damage with any more force.


You can use the wood dowel or a brass rod to tap on the empty case ( if you can verify for sure it's spent.) I had the same problem yesterday with my AR-180, but that was just a spent case stuck in the chamber.


Ok this is what you do...

Spray the foaming CLP down the barrel
Spray in around the front of the bolt carrier and down towards the bolt head, spray enough so it will soak all the way down into the chamber area. Tilt the rifle downward, and have a rag handy as it gets messy. Now let it set for awhile (or a day).

Use some black electrical tape and tape the charging lever lock lever rearward.
Extend the buttstock and place it on a padded surface.
Use a soft face dead blow hammer and tap on the charging handle. Do it lightly!
If you cannot get a good tap on it you may need to use a large delrin punch on the charging handle and lightly tap on the punch. I use a 1"x1" square delrin block and ita about 8" long. Tap lightly on both sides of the carging handle.

It should pop open!
What did the case look like? Was the primer cratered, extractor marks with brass flow, or other tell tail signs of high pressure? With it being the first shot was there a possibility of excess oil in the chamber or bore?
Guess #1 oily chamber causing higher than normal bolt thrust
Guess #2 partly obstructed bore (oil?) causing high pressure
Guess #3 hot factory load
Guess #4 bullet was forced in to the case during loading causing reduced capacity and a pressure spike.

Scary stuff if you figure it out please post.
So it was a live round and appears to be a bad crimp that rolled into a slight lip when it chambered...? I haven't had a chance to fire it yet but I have taken it completely down, including removal of the barrel and can find nothing out of the ordinary. I have function checked and cycled 40 rnds by hand without a hitch.

I'm going with freak incident...


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