Not sure if this is of any interest to you guys over here, but....

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by tac, Jul 4, 2016.

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    back here in yUK Savage Arms has just opened its first 'Little Rascals' training facility at Diggle Ranges, oop North, using the Rascal rifle. I've never seen one, but as it is scaled for smaller shooters, and fitted with that nice Accutrigger, it seems a plan.

    Diggle Ranges, notwithstanding the rather odd name, is one of the premier shooting venues in the yUK, and the range manager, Stuart Anselm, says of the venture - 'Like Savage Arms, we are very much aware that the younger generation are the future of target shooting [and] together we launched Little Rascals to provide a platform to allow young people [up to 18 y/o] to develop a realistic sense of responsibility, respect and appreciation of firearms in a safe setting'.

    Sounds good to me.

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    That's great! I've been hearing radio ads over here for this new program called first shots- it's basically a free firearms instruction course complete with some range time (from what I can gather from the radio spots). Seems like the firearms industry is starting to really make an effort to get younger folks into the shooting sports. Which I think is fantastic..
    I myself am very much looking forward to the day when I take my lil guy to the gun store for his first youth model .22 purchase. A couple more years....

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