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Newbie quetsion

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Placentajustice, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Placentajustice

    Placentajustice Salem, OR New Member

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    Ther was a guy that was aksing about the xdm for conceal carry and people say it was too big. what do they mean? i look at the glock 23 and the xdm, and there isn't MUCH different.

    the xdm is maybe .75 in longer. not sure about xdm width. but about 10 oz heavier. is that what they mean by too big is the weight?
  2. crosse

    crosse Bellevue Active Member

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    the best examples i can give is carry on luggage. imagine you have a small carry on. but its just an 1" longer than the max measurements. but 4 inches narrower. carry on is meant to be small bags you carry with you with necessities. But a little bit extra often times can cause larger problems. now a 6'3" 280lbs guy is not going to have the issues a 5'5" 140lbs guy will have in concealing a xdm, (body shapes withstanding). I can conceal a glock 35 with just a loose fitting t-shirt. it really depends on how you conceal and your body type. revolvers hide really well for me as long as their barrels are less than 4".
    but the thing to note is that with larger autos, the extra .75 is what...slide length? .75" is enough to print extra details thru your clothes. and what about the xtra length in the grip that houses that mammoth 19+1 magazine? those two points (back of the slide and the grip's butt) are the two points that mostly seen in "printing"
  3. SWCR

    SWCR Sedro-Woolley, WA Member

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  4. cyclesarge

    cyclesarge Eugene OR, DUH! We're ALL in the NORTHWEST Well-Known Member

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    I would say it's too big for ME. It's over an inch longer, it's taller, and weighs more than a Glock 23, which is also too big for ME. I'm sure there are plenty of people that can C.C. an XD(m) comfortably, not me. I'm also about 99% sure when they designed the XD(m) C.C. was NOT a consideration.
  5. BooKilla

    BooKilla Portland, OR Member

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    You would be suprised what new holsters can do. Really good IWB holster like Milt Sparks and Crossbreed can make larger pistols much more manageable to carry for long periods of time. They also allow your wardrobe to vary because of their concealability. Holsters are the determining factor for comfort.