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Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by jchandler11, Sep 3, 2010.

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    I've read a few of the threads about new hunters coming into the sport and I too am trying. I'm looking in the Eugene and Springfield area for a mentor. I've been shooting before and am buying my first rifle this weekend. I took a hunters safety course in NY where I am from when i was in Jr. High but am looking into a refresher. Also, I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to take me and my grandfather shooting out here as we previously shot in Colorado not Oregon. I am willing to help pack out meat and help out however I can for tips and mentoring.
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    I see this is an old post hope you got to go hunting if not shoot me a note , to late to get tags this year for elk but next year . I will be pushing 50 next year and have ben hunting since I was 10 so have a lot of Experience to pass on to someone .
    enjoy and happy hunting

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