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I've got a 1200 lb gun safe that needs to be moved about 900 miles. It's a pretty spendy safe and I'd like to keep it since spending the cash on a new replacement safe will knock the budget for a loop. Does anybody have any experience with moving a large safe a long distance? Any advice? Comments? Who does this kind of work?

Kimber Custom

Be sure to calculate what you can sell the safe used for, add how much it's going to cost you to transport, figure a few extra dollars for headache and worry and make sure you can't buy a replacement for that amount. Might also be an opportunity for 'upgrades' :eek:

I've used to move a tractor. Asside from expensive ($1100 from Omaha to Gresham) it was a fairly easy deal.


did the $1100 get the safe into the house where you ultimately wanted to keep it (IE- the basement)? if so, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me considering how far it traveled.

I'd talk to these guys:

Northwest Safe Sales - Specializing in National Security, Liberty, and Centurion safes for your home or office

really nice helpful guy- I've heard other safe companies contract out to him to move safes. if he can't do it- he'll know someone that can. I think he is the guy with the massive safe display that is at the entrance of the PDX gun show everytime.
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