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Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by taylor, May 22, 2011.

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    I have a .45 Colt replica w/fixed sights that shoots 2" left at 10 yards. I'm thinking of trying to turn the barrel a bit to correct this.
    How do I do this?
    Is there a better way to bring it over to the right? Bending the sight?
    Any help as usual will be greatly appreciated
  2. deadshot2

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    First make sure it's not you that's causing this by shooting the pistol from either a machine rest or sandbag rest. If it shoots true using these methods then it could be grip and trigger finger placement. I wouldn't bend or try anything else until I knew how it shot from a fixed position without the variable of the shooter.

    Another cure, and one that's been used ever since pistols were invented, if your shots all hit 2" Left, just aim 2" Right. I use this method with every fixed sight firearm I have. At one time I used to put a piece of tape in the buttstock or bottom of grip with "correction notes" on it. ex: -2@25 meant Left 2" @ 25 yards. +1@7 meant Right 1" at 7 yards. Perhaps annoying but it sure beats bending something that may not want to bend.
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    +1 to deadshots 1st statement.Make sure it's the gun.

    do not try bending it,don't ask me how I know this. :(

    before you do ANYTHING,settle on the load or ammo you want to use,OR load different loads until it hits where u want.It's amzing how ammo will shoot to a diffferent spot on the target.

    one common solution is to file the rear notch wider..take material off of the side that you want the gun to print to.remember,a little goes a long way,and putting metal back is a lot tougher than taking it off.

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