2011 no-lock models include:
  • SW103043FC S&W 43C 1.875" 22LR BL AL CENT NO IL
  • SW103061FC S&W 340PD AIRLT SC 357 1.875" NO LCK
  • SW103072FC S&W M&P340 1.875" 357 BLK SC NO LCK
  • SW103351FC S&W 351C 1.875" 22WMR BL AL NO IL
  • SW103810FC S&W 642 1.875" 38SPL STS CENT WO/IL
  • SW150544FC S&W 442 1.8725" 38SPL MATTE BL WO/IL

To me this is good news. Just might have to get a new M&P340.
I just think it looks ugly but never had an issue with it on my 642. The lock did jam up 329 PD once though. Something about heavy recoil in the lighter framed revolvers. Had to take the sideplate off the gun at the range. I dont know if the key would have unlocked it cause I did not have one with me. Trigger was locked back, could not open cylinder to unload it. Fortunately, I know my way around under a Smith sideplate...:)
I know this has all the old-timers all giddy, but as a recently returned S&W owner, I couldn't be happier with my N-frame 629 classic 5". It's never failed on me, is a joy to shoot, and, when hand-loading, extremely versatile. To me, the lock is not a big deal, and I know I could easily remove it and plug the hole, if I desire. (I'll also admit I'm more of a practical shooter than a traditionalist.)

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