Military providing security in Boston?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by PiratePast40, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Not sure what this is about. I'm a little uncomfortable about having our military providing security for a city. I understand the need for help during natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. I'm guessing that these guys are Guard and not active military, but just seems strange to have MP's checking ID in a US city.

    Did the govenor call in the National Guard for routine security prior to the start of the marathon? I know we had NG forces at airports after 9-11 and helping out with search and rescue after Katrina. Maybe it's noting out of the ordinary, just seems strange to me.

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    The National Guard belongs to the state, unless federalized. They work for the state, and they were doing the state's business...nothing unusual about that.
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    "National Guard"...not quite seeing a problem with that. :)
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    Imagine if these 'explosions' start to happen more frequently much like they did in Israel for awhile. Israel used to have somewhat lax gun laws but what hasn't been in the news the last 18 years is how strict their gun control laws have become for its citizens. There really isn't much difference in how the US government see's its people than how the Israeli government see's its people. Gun control laws became more strict in Israel after the assassination of its prime minister in 1995. In the US, the biggest threat to gun ownership stems from the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in the name of James Scott "Jim" Brady & his 'Brady Campaign'. They have a hand in almost all if not every anti gun piece of legislation that comes across State & Federal lawmakers desks.

    After a half dozen or more of these explosions especially if they happen close together in the same cities, we will start seeing State lines being blurred with new lines made for those major cities instead. Just as they locked Boston down & prevented people from moving around in the city for this, & when they do permit movement the Americans must have their bags searched, ID's checked. It's like seeing an Israeli wishing to travel from Tel aviv to Jerusalem without being searched or at least seeing a lot of military check points on the way, or God forbid if they want to travel to the West bank or the Gaza strip. Good Luck. There will be walls set up around these large cities if explosions happen often enough in them & your fellow Americans in those cities will either have to flee or be looked at as outcasts. Our own Palestine. Israeli's & Palestinians hate each other, I get it & I don't hold favor for either side. But if we start seeing military patrolling America or DHS check points, we have now become no better than the Palestinians in the US governments eyes.
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