Miami Classic, or other shoulder holsters for that matter?

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by safehaven, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I am wondering if any one has first hand experience with the Miami Classic? Or, other shoulder holsters for that matter. I am not married to the idea of the Miami Classic,

    The ATV/gun law in Oregon is absurd. Since having a loaded firearm on an ATV is a no-no in Oregon, I was thinking that I could holster my gun, empty chamber and no mag. And then in the mag pouch, carry two loaded mags.

    I am interested in a shoulder holster for a couple of reasons. First, I think it would be the most comfortable type of holster for riding an ATV. Second, I think the mag pouch would make it a lot quicker to load the gun, should I ever need it.

    I am very scrawny... 5-11 and 165lbs. I am worried about the gun protruding out too much. I would be carrying a Kahr CW9, not a huge gun. So, perhaps it would conceal just fine.

    Let me know your thoughts on my idea in regards to carrying and conforming to the law. Also, if you have first hand experience with shoulder holsters, tell me what you think of them and if you think it would be a good idea for a skinny runt like me.
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    I don't like shoulder holsters on an ATV for 2 reasons. twice I have had guns fall out & did not know it. I thankfully recovered both guns, but the lesson has been learned.
    1st gun was a sig p220 in a bianchi vertical holster, 2nd was a browning Hi Power in a galco horizontal. from now on , on quads or ANY type of rough riding I go with a hip holster.
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    i have a kramer shoulder holster with 1911/light rail attachment, it has a thumb snap on it to keep the gun intact, I like it, if you're wear a jacket, if not, that thing is going to be bouncing and flipping around driving you crazy.
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    If you go that route I would suggest getting one of the many designs that have an adjustable strap that goes from the holster to your belt and from the off side to the belt on that side. Many have an integral mag holder, either single or double, on the off side. These do not flop around and are very stable when drawing. I carried a 1911A1 in a horizontal rig for many years, both in vehicles and aircraft. I really liked the security of the hold downs on both sides. There are many manufacturers who produce this style.

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