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Hey guys

With the scarcity of most pistol powders I took the CSB-1 plunge.

With nothing (at the time) published I collected bits of data here, bits there, and eventually gained enough confidence to use Hodgdon's Universal load tables.

Spent Saturday testing loads, shooting at range, having fun :)

The bulk of the QuickLOAD predicted velocities are based off Universal, some are based off CSB-1 itself (I very recently updated QuickLOAD's data file, and now CSB-1 through CSB-6 is listed. A quick check of a few loads predicted about a 10% velocity reduction using CSB-1 vs. Universal, though the numbers in the table below contradict that).

Not enough time in the day to note spreads (though they were generally pretty minimal), just the # 'in the middle'.

DISCLAIMER: Don't use these loads, use published data. These loads worked in MY guns (TP-9, XDM, XDS, etc...).

Cartridge Overall Length. Pretty important with straight wall cartridges, especially when using CSB1 (it can get cranky).
Ok I see,
1.169 or 29,619 mm
It's basic 9 mm Luger
The table given by Maxam said 3,7/4,1grs for LRN 125 grs (Lead round nose bullet), the Gunshop said 4,2grs but it's look like Universal is 4,3 grs. So i'm getting a little confuse.
I'm not use to load 9MM. I did my 45 LC "Cowboy load" for a while but it is not as crucial than for a semi auto 9mm
I was using a Lee Classic for that.
I bought a Lee press and dies for my 9mm but still waiting for more info to start loading.
Thank for your help.
Hi, Thank a lot for this amazing work you did putting all that together.
I am using Lead bullet 125 grs RN Do you think that 4,2 grs will be correct for my 9 Luger ?
May want to clarify. Are you wanting to load generic 9mm Luger ammo. Or ammo specifically for a 9mm Luger pistol.
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