Made a target stand today :D

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    Nothing special, and copied from: Educational Zone #24 - Homemade Target Stand - Page 1

    Found the plans online since I've been needing a target stand for when I go out in BFE and practice.

    I think I'll build a few more here shortly so I can do some real practice!

    Anywho it was super simple and realllllyyyy cheap to build.


    1 1/2" X 16" Sch 40 PVC pipe x 7 pieces ( One 10' piece can be cut into all the required pieces for 1 stand. You'll have a small amount of extra pipe)

    1 1/2" 90 degree bend x2

    1 1/2" T x2

    1 1/2" Caps

    PVC Cement (Don't really add this into the cost since it can be used for a multitude of stands and other things)

    Some wooden posts (I also don't add these into the cost since you can find plenty of scrap to use, though if you can't then add probably 8 bucks for two pieces at Home Depot)

    Anywho it's super simple, and my total cost was $17.99 for the PVC and the Cement, though like I said before I don't count that so it's more like $13.00ish

    I also figured that if you use the cement and the stand needs some weight to it you can always fill the pipes with water or sand.

    Also the two uprights are not cemented to make the whole system a little more portable.

    Here are some pics!





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