Low pass flybys I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by fredball, Apr 14, 2014.

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    Here's another one that's been around before, but fun to see again.

    We all remember Tom Cruise in the Movie " TOP GUN" when he makes a low pass near the control tower and causes an officer to spill coffee down his shirt.

    Well here are short clips of the top 10 low pass flybys ever filmed ... and of course for nostalgia, let's see that Top Gun low pass again.

    Pay particular attention to the last shown low pass. It is number one. Watch the halo of water around the plane. It happened during a Blue Angels event over San Francisco several years ago. It was the pilot's last show with the team and he had nothing to lose. Many of the boats in the bay lost windows to the sonic blast. It's a kick to watch. This was a practice run the day before the show. I was there, staying with my daughter for the air show. They buzzed downtown between buildings too. Liberals had a heart attack and were all over the news about our show of force for war. K

    Number 3 was pretty impressive too.

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    The Blue Angels did the halo almost every year at the Sea Fair races
    Doesn't make it any less awesome.
    Races always sucked to me but the planes were worth the time
  3. ZA_Survivalist

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    The last one was amazing. I mean they all were, but damn!
  4. Kruejl

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    Freaking awesome. I have been to many airshows and even had the privilege of taking a ride in a Pitts stunt Bi-plane. 7 G's is killer fun. Thanks for the share!
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    Farking awesome, each and every one. Number 3, if the guy had reached up would have had his hand toasted.

    I went to an air show at the Eugene OR airport years ago. It was overcast that day, so the Blue Angels had to do their "low show". During the show, 2 planes flew slowly left to right down the runway while 2 other planes flew right to left down the runway making a close pass. Where was the 5th plane? It came in low and fast from behind us to pass over the other 4 planes while they were passing each other. Didn't even hear it coming until BOOM, there it was. They even had their support plane in the show. I've never seen a prop plane stop on the runway, backup and do a 3 point turn before, and the JATO was pretty cool. What a great show.
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    years back, when we lived in Reno, i used to be riding my dirt bike alone in the desert north of town. the reno air show was the next week, so there would be all kinds of different planes in the air. id be hauling butt across the desert when they would be just above me doing spins and such. it was my own private show, each year..

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