Looking for a spotting scope for range use...

Discussion in 'Scopes & Optics' started by Mikej, Apr 14, 2018.

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    We have the Barska and it's been very good for us! Seems good in low light, but we'e also shooting .30 cal at moving targets, so it' a challenge no matter what you have! Sinclair has a really good tripod made just for prone shooting, but can also handle spotting needs or for shooting off hand, not cheap, but it works extreamly well, especially when shooting and spotting on your own!:)
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    Like I said earlier, a good, photo grade, Tripod is an absolute must have when using a Spotting Scope. Addition of a couple of Sand Bags can stablise a Tripod very nicely. But, then I have found a few Sand Bags kept in my vehicles can be excellent when stablising any number of things.
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