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A while back I saw a very compact telescope scope for ARs with a carry handle upper. I was thinking it would be a good addition to the abbreviated AR we have:


Recommendations? Thank you. :)
Trijicon ACOG 2x20 carry handle scope

ETA: My daughter has one on the AR Platform SBR she uses to bust coyotes on her fenceline out to about 150 yards and loves it.
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I used to have one of those on my privately owned patrol carbine. Low powered but GTG. Though it forced you to put your head up high to look through it when it was mounted.

Aloha, Mark
I am not really a fan of a magnified optic mounted that high but ymmv. A short barreled ar in 5.56 is a 300m max proposition anyhow so irons should get the job done nicely. If I were to mount anything up there, I would try a zero parallax red dot. Just my 2 cents.
Thank you for idea. Much appreciated.

I tracked down the scope I saw in the video. It is Brownell's Retro 4x. Any experience with these?

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I've used one of those a long time ago and it did not afford a good cheekweld. You could go with a gooseneck mount and put a ref dot forward of the CH for a better cowitness.

Edit to add an example:
Leupold and others make the Mil Standard M-1913 mount, usually under $30. and I run ether a real ACOG or UTG Bug Blaster!
Lots of folks pooh pooh the Bug Blaster as a cheap, low quality optic, but they have no idea what they are talking about! Mine has held up better then a lot of the Name brand optics, it's got all the goodies they do in a better package for a much better price! for around $112 with quick detach rings of decent quality, hard to go wrong, and it does work well!

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