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    So I am starting to do some research on doing an SBR build, how do I go about getting my SBR papers? Any info to speed up my process would be great. I am an oregon resident.
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    You need to fill out a Form 1 (5320.1) and send it with supporting documents to the ATF. If filing as an individual you need fingerprints, photos, and CLEO signature. If filing as a legal entity like a trust/llc/corp you don't. Either way you need to submit Certification of Compliance (Form 5330.20) and $200.
    If filing with a trust you need to include copy of complete trust including certification of trust and Schedule A.

    Submit the Form 1 in duplicate, each copy must be printed front and back on a single piece of paper. One copy will get stamped and returned to you and the other will be retained by the ATF in their files.

    DO NOT start SBR until you have a stamped Form 1 back from the ATF.

    Forms here:

    ATF Online - Forms - Firearms

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