Liberals have to change their view of illegal immigration to reduce guns owned by criminals!

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by HHT, Apr 17, 2015.

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    They refuse to accept that many of the guns that end up in criminal's hands come from South of the border, same as the drugs the government is unable to control. It's not people who abide by laws of the US who are indiscriminate about where their firearms end up, or how they are used.
    As usual, the Liberals are barking up the wrong tree with their myopic views and opinions.
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    Of course they are carrying guns. They are carrying drugs. People try to steal drugs. They are carrying guns to protect themselves and their shipments. Be realistic. We have a LOT more guns in this country than they have in Mexico. For every gun smuggled into this country ( that probably got smuggled into Mexico originally from the US anyway) there are several going south. Its not a one way border. Drugs come here. Money goes there. Guns go both ways.
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    Unintended consequences of a loose border and loose immigration enforcement. Liberals didn't start the problem. Greedy employers wanting cheap labor did.

    Now it's out of hand with drug gangs, guns and Progressives making promises for votes and pulling on the heart strings of do good Liberals.
    It's a win win for the anti- gun progressives every time an illegal gets shot or shoots someone else.

    It helps up their skewed statistics on gun deaths and it reinforces to their misguided base that amnesty and citizenship would stop all these crimes.

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