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National SCOTUS rules in favor of Illegal Immigrants in possession of Firearm


This isn't the Babylon bee or some other satire site?

I didn't know it was wrong to kill my ex- ....
I was drunk, therefore not in a sound mind, therefore unable to know my actions were wrong ....


SCOTUS ruled that in a prosecution for unlawful possession of a firearm, the government must prove that a person subject to a firearm prohibition knows that s/he is prohibited. There are tons of people out there that are prohibited and don't even know it. I talk to many of them each day.

This ruling happened to favor an illegal immigrant in possession of a firearm, but its core holding is more far-reaching than that.

The headline "SCOTUS FAVORS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT" is just sensationalist BS.


Well, okay... the can have firearms... cuz they're illegal and don't know our laws. :rolleyes:

They can carry my bullets too!!!
What we have going on here is the fundamental transformation of America, my fellow frogs in the pot....
It is tied closely to how the population is being transformed and diluted in Europe and here as well. There's a bigger agenda at work. It's best to add another layer of tin foil.


So, ignorance of the law IS an excuse. I've been lied to all these years??
I'm not sure this is a bad thing for gun owners. There's something like 20,000 laws on guns throughout the US and we are liable/held to all of them. This decision may save an honest citizen from harm for breaking some law they didn't know about.
They can have convicts sign some document acknowledging they cannot own guns when they let them out so there is easily a way to answer Alito's concerns. OTOH lunatics could sign a hundred such documents and it would be meaningless.

Overall, however, this decision may be a good thing for us.


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