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Good old under folder East German marked

IMG_1935.jpeg IMG_1933.jpeg
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Those are some unicorns these days! I snatched a 104UR right before they went extinct, and have some milled Arsenals.

Would've loved a 104FR to have a legit AKM74.
I have had many AKs but the Arsenals have hardly been parted with the exception of a SAM7 SGL-31 and a SLR105r. Kinda miss the 74s but my 106 AKs have been awesome and made me quickly forget them.
Dude, that's awesome!

My Draco SBR build thread is over here.
Thank you sir! I fiddled around with my Draco for a while at first I tried to do one of those tactical railed builds on it (a long time ago) and it just didn't feel right. Then I came across some Bakelite furniture and pseudo achieved that 74U look. All I needed was that silly Russian tourniquet. Now I can finally put it on the shelf since it's finished.

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