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    So, I got rid of the .300 WM I had, but am rebarreling a rifle into that caliber. I have a bunch of brass for it still, but I'd neck-sized it. Obviously, I need to full-length resize the brass for the new barrel but most of it is primed already. My question is, can I just remove the decapping rod part of the FL die, and FL resize them without losing the primer??

    If thats possible, my next question would be on Hornady One Shot case lube. Has anyone had any experience or problems with that lube damaging primers? It says it won't on the can, but we all know that not everything performs the way its designed to :paranoid: I've used it quite a bit, and it works great; but I've never used it on primed cases.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    You could give it a try, just try to keep large amounts of lube from getting into the case neck and wipe them off when your done, I would guess you will have no issues.
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    Hornady makes a better lube called "Unique". Looks like Ivory Soap in a small tub. Just a very light smear of this lube is all that's needed. Think of smearing the grease on a mirror. You want just enough to see it but not so much you can't see a relatively clear image through it.

    In the title of your post you mentioned Lee Dies. You will still need the de-capping rod as this is what expands the neck after the case is resized. Just get a replacement rod from LEE ($3) and pull the de-priming pin from one or the other to use on this project. Or, you can just de-prime and replace with new primers. Even at the ridiculous price everyone wants for primers, they're still just over three cents apiece. If you choose the latter method, just de-prime slowly. Primers require an "IMPACT" to be set off.

    If you know someone with an RCBS or Redding die set, these dies allow for the removal of the small de-capping pin where the lee is a one-piece that also includes the expander ball. Maybe you could borrow the sizing die for for just these cases.

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