Karen Klein: Kids these days, Pockets of humanity still remain...

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    Hey all, I wanted to share a cool/interesting/disturbing story with you all. I am a teacher in Oregon public schools, so I am always on the look out for stories in Education.

    Yesterday a video was released on Youtube and Liveleak that has since become "viral". The video depicts 10+ minutes of verbal abuse, intimidation and general savagery of an elderly bus monitor by a group of middle school students in middle-class, suburban, upstate Greece, New York. The video was, of course, taken by a student on the bus on his/her cell phone.

    Here is the video: LiveLeak.com - Making The Bus Monitor Cry- MUST WATCH

    I have seen videos of incredible barbarism on the internet: beheadings, suicides, war crimes, beatings, etc. I found this video harder to watch than many of the "violent" videos I've seen.

    I could spend all day enunciating my hatred for these monsters, so I won't waste my time...

    The silver lining!... literally hours after the video was posted yesterday (6/20/2012) a gentleman from Eastern Europe set up an online donation to "send Karen on the vacation of a lifetime". The donations goal was $5,000. Within an hour the goal was matched and surpassed. Within 5 hours of the video posting, when I discovered the hullabaloo, the donations were breaching $50,000. When I woke up this morning to head to class (I am getting my graduate degree) the amount had passed $100,000. As I type now at 2:45pm the amount has surpassed $300,000. The gentleman who started the donation has since changed all the account info directly to Karen's personal account and has transferred administrative rights to the donation site to Karen's sister.

    Lets Give Karen -The bus monitor- H Klein A Vacation! -- Indiegogo (the donation site)

    I'll let you guys take it from here, but to some up what I'm getting at: Kids these days and the pockets of Humanity still left.

    p.s. I'm in no way suggesting that you donate. I had considered it, but once the amount went from vacation-status to retirement-status and now retirement+vacation+whatever-status I figured the nice lady is going to be just fine. I just wanted to show you how normal, civilized people have overwhelmingly responded to evidence of the state of our average children today.
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    America's new youth for all to see. Mean, ignorant societal future parasites; government workers, and enlistment recruits.

    Nice to see the tremendous monetary support for the lady -wow - she'd have to work 20+ years at that job to earn $350k. Not one of those mean brats will ever make near that much so I guess in a way she got the final FU.
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    You have to teach your kids empathy.

    I would never tolerate my children treating someone that way, and I would be horrified if I saw my kid in a video like that.
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    I'd love to see those kids cained. That goes for the parents too, for raising little monsters like that.

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