Kahr P9 and hollow points

You know saturday I picked up a new Kahr ( have not got to fire it yet) and some corbon +p jacketed hollow points. I have to say I dont have 100% confidence in the feed ramp of this thing. when I put the new magazine in with all 7 rounds in it and slid back the slide to chamber a round. it nosed dived into the ramp and failed to feed. only if I lock the slide back and release it witht the slide release did it feed easier. Is this a break in thing or typical with HP ammunition. I did find that a 200 round break in needed to help the gun function smoother. any thoughts, oh and thanks for reading my novel.
Its a little of both, breaking it in will smooth up the feed ramp, and hollow points don't feed that great in most handguns.

Spend a lot of time practicing (with FMJ ammo) then go try shooting as much of your self defense ammo as you can to get used to the hollow point's performance in your kahr, it should get better with use though.
My friend has one as well and his doesnt feed worth a hoot either, even after like 500 rounds. I told him dont carry the thing with hollow points unless you like only one shot. If it fails to feed in a life or death situation that would really suck badly. As far as i have heard they dont like the hollowpoints period. Physics: what guns are you shooting that dont like hollow point ammo? its only been the lower tier guns that i have had problems with. Thats why i buy sig's ;).

Which model did you get?

I'm no expert...granted I've personally trained with a couple different Kahr's for a hundred hours or so, the Academy has one in our Armory, and we train with quite a number of students who own them. With that being said...what I've observed is the Kahr is an excellent choice as a defensive handgun. The very smallest models can be a wee bit quirky...but generally they all work fine. If asked, I would recommend and steer folks toward their full size models to mid-size models because it has been my experience they are predictably more reliable.

In my limited experience working with Kahrs and all other semi-automatic defensive handguns it is the technique with manipulating the firearm more than the gun itself that causes most of these feeding related problems. I started working with the Kahr series when they were first introduced in the early 1990's and I've never seen a Kahr have to be operated by releasing the Slide Lock.

Please don't take any of my observations, insights or conclusions wrong - cuz I don't know any of you, never met you, and have never had the prilivage of training together. The gun may be defective - if it is Kahr has a great service reputation. I'd suggest taking it and train with it and/or let someone else test it before drawing any conclusions.

The deal is...the smaller the semi-auto the greater the spring tension must be to function properly relative to caliber i.e. a 9mm Beretta "less spring tension/more mass" vs. 9mm Kahr CW 9 "more spring tension/less mass". Larger semi's have greater mass, larger working surface to get a hand/fingers on, and therefore requiring less spring tension (this is why it is often ill advised to recommend to women a smaller "tiny" gun - the trade off is smaller and lighter but much stronger spring tension which quite honestly is more challenging to most as compared to the mass and size - but what do I know?)..which means the smaller semi can often be less forgiving in manipulating the slide and less tolerance of ineffective techniques - For example, in my limited experience some folks have a challenge in locking the slide open or releasing the slide on smaller guns (the controls and working surface are small and the spring is extremely tight!).
The "break in" period is for real.

As for hollowpoints, my PM9 feeds them just fine. When manually racking the slide to load a hollowpoint occasionally one will jam, but I've never had one jam while actually shooting.
I had a Kahr 9 several years ago. I never had a problem with it.

My current carry gun is a Kahr .40. I love it and never had an issue with it, it's extremely accurate and reliable. I've never fired one of the new polymer framed models. I prefer steel framed handguns. The exception being my Sig 220. Even then it took a while to get used to the alloy frame.


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