Hey everyone. This is the title of a [new to me] book about St. John Browning. Popped up on my Kindle so I read it for grins and giggles. Wow! It was a short book but I learned 1000% more about Mr. Browning than I knew before. It was a short and very well written work spanning all of St. John's life and work. Took about an hour to read it. I will be reading it again. I discovered lots of good nuggets in it about the history of US firearms from before 1900 until after Browning's death. I guess I never realized that we all owe John Browning a huge debt of gratitude for his genius. Without his work the firearms world of today would be vastly different and not in a good way. I liked it! 1911s and Hi-Powers led the way for all others to follow.

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